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[App] Monitoring and control software for Android.

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[App] Monitoring and control software for Android.

Messagede lady le Dim 18 Mai 2014 06:45

My son is 13 years old and in high school this year. I found the porn site he visited as well as sites with graphic images consulted. I know that the experience of children and I know they start doing things like that, but I do not know how to monitor and what is age appropriate phase-acceptable. It also has an Android phone that goes everywhere with him as all his friends. So I decided to select and install the tracking software phone call from my son, this shared by a friend. Software
InnovaSPY is a monitoring and control software of the cell phone for iPhone and Android smartphones and tablets
Once installed on device you will be able to monitor and record all calls made ​​and received, real-time location of GPS mobile phone, monitor and save text messages (SMS).
For more information, see here
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