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[APP][FREE] Path Finder App

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[APP][FREE] Path Finder App

Messagede techrew le Mar 13 Mai 2014 07:06

Path Finder is a useful, easy to use free Android app built by software firm Paxcel Technologies to help you track and record your Routes making it easy to remember your way and trace your car parking location easily.

The app shows real time data, maps out your path, shows suggestions and allows you to save your route for future reference. This app uses the GPS Sensor in your phone to record the geographic statistics.

This app is ideal for the backpackers who love exploring new places. Other features of the app -
Track your Route and record it for future reference
Trace where you parked your car/bike
Keep track of distance and speed travelled
Maintain repository of places visited
Get Alternate short Route Suggestions

Download the app - https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... rApp&hl=en
Visit the website at - http://pathfinderapp.in/
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Applications Android - Google Play - Android Market

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